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Compact Manifold and Energy Service (CMES) is an Indigenous Turnkey EPC Service Company in Nigeria. It specializes in engineering, fabrication and installation of offshore and onshore structures for Oil & Gas industry with complete commitment to health, safety and environment

Engineering services are provided by our team of local and expatriate engineers from various fields of specialization. Fabrication and construction services are provided by CMES fabrication in her fabrication yard in Lagos, Nigeria. Our Fabrication services include Jackets,Templates,Decks & Associated Equipment and piping.CMES fabricates skided equipment & installs electrical & instrumentation components. CMES construction services includes offshore structural installations, sub-sea diving works, Brownfield modifications,Riser/Riser clamp installations,onshore pipeline and site construction, plant construction including power, gas handling and production facilities.

In addition to our services we also provide Pipe coating, pipe double jointing as well as relevant tests for a high quality final product, stress analysis for upgrading of existing platform and facility design with ease in operation and safety.

In CMES, Maintenance and repair works are carried out after proper analysis and evaluation of existing structures. Engineering designs are done and construction effected after approval of design. CMES has a strong track record in redesigning and installing deck extension works in the upstream sector.

CMES is also engaged in employee’s training in latest software by continuously investing in extensive training program which contributes to the upgrading of employees and the company at large.

All designs carried out by CMES are done in accordance with generally accepted codes (ASME, ANSI VII, API and other standard engineering codes) with health and safety rules as a watch tool.


  • Piping works

  • PP Mod(Platform Modification), Deck recovery piping, Boat landing, Electrical & Instrumentation UP-grade, Flare replacement etc.

  • Riser Hook-Up & Tie In.

  • Piging testing & Gauging of pipeline.

  • Template,Carson & Pleum Installation & Fabrication.


CMES engages in EPC turnkey project for it clients. This includes detailed engineering design, procurement and construction/installation. Many turnkey projects have been undertaken by CMES with its state-of-the-art engineering expertise.


The project management team is made up of an experienced and dedicated workforce responsible for the HSE quality management system of our projects. The team follows a well laid-out process for project control and transmitting system that enables detailed documentation to be sent for review to client and final approval before IFC (Issue for Construction), thereby meeting all design and analytical standards with safety, health and environmental procedures unabridged. The team develops a detailed project schedule and utilizes the project progress reporting system to monitor project delivery dates to the satisfaction of our clients.


CMES provides preliminary and detailed engineering design services utilizing the latest design software and structural stress analysis. The design system takes full advantages of design codes (ASME, ANSI VII, APS and more), along with design packages like Solid Works, AutoCAD, PDMS, SACS, HYSYS, PIPE PHASE, ETAP, CAESER, AUTOPIPE etc, for its engineering and analytical design deliverables.

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