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CMES has a well equipped fabrication facility located at the Naval Dockyard in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide expert services in the fabrication of onshore and offshore structures. In order to maintain our internationally accepted standards, our fabrication services satisfy ISO and BS standards. Currently, we are engaged in third party inspections through SGS & Lloyds of London.

CMES has done detailed design shop drawings, Off-Shore Construction and installation analysis.

  • Fabrication and installation of Carsson and platform deck, clamp can bracket and brace

  • Installation and commissioning of production paltforms etc.

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Hook-Up and commissioning.

We have successfully completed projects in these areas of fabrication:

  • Well head protection structures and platforms

  • Pipe Spool (Installation on-site or in our yard)

  • Skid mounted equipment and assembly

  • Jacket and Decks with associated topsides equipment

  • Boat Landing and bumpers

  • Offshore platform security gates

  • Porta Cabins and Mobile Homes

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